Integrated Circuits and Circuit Boards

flyer circuit boardWe provide the design, development, coding, simulation testing and debugging for new integrated circuits, circuit boards and related systems. Service highlights include:

  • Requirement, Design and Test Specifications
  • Design Reviews, Debug Strategies
  • Board Level and Integration Testing
  • Simulation Test Bench Creation

FPGA / ASIC Integrated Circuits

  • Algorithm Modeling and Development
  • Commented VHDL or Verilog RTL Code
  • Embedded Processor Subsystems and Custom IP/Interfaces
  • Synthesis, Place and Route

Circuit Boards

  • Schematic Generation / Board Layout
  • Processor, Memory, and IO Subsystems
  • Board Level Integration Testing

To ensure the successful transition of newly developed products to manufacture, we will also conduct reviews on site at contract manufacturers as needed.

Intellectual Property Development

flyer codeWe offer development and design verification servicesĀ for IP technologies, including:

  • Bus Interfaces (PCI, SPI, Processor, ASYNC, SYNC)
  • Memory Interfaces (SRAM, DDR/DDR2/DDR3, QDR)
  • Video Interfaces and Video Processing Modules
  • Control Interfaces, Control Loops
  • Filters (IIR, FIR, custom)
  • UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, Custom Protocols
  • Networks, Ethernet

Software and Firmware

We perform development and verification for software and firmware, including:

  • Windows CE
  • Windows Applications (Visual Basic / C++ / C)
  • Embedded Drivers
  • Embedded Applications